KDE’s Plasma Mobile Gets New Lock Screen and Virtual Keyboard, Game Center App

Plasma Mobile

When not working on the Plasma desktop environment, the KDE Project is developing new features for Plasma Mobile, the mobile version of Plasma for Linux smartphones and tablets.

It’s been a month since the last update, and Plasma Mobile got a lot of cool new features during this time. The first thing you’ll notice is probably the virtual keyboard, which is now based on the 2nd generation Maliit keyboard rather than QtVirtualKeyboard and better supports Wayland.

The second thing you’ll probably notice the next time you install Plasma Mobile on your Linux phone or tablet is the new lock screen, which has been rewritten and features shorter time and date text, a new tablet layout, a new keypad with blur in the background, basic notifications, and new placement for the indicator panel to the top.

Plasma Mobile’s new lock screen – Image courtesy of KDE

Several apps received various optimizations in Plasma Mobile. For example, the KClock app not only will no longer use lots of memory, but it also features a revamped timer page that uses fluid animations. Moreover, the KWeather app will offer animated backgrounds for different weathers and weather alerts.

A new game center app called Arkade is also present in this new update, providing users with a place where they can play some KDE games and also see their achievements and high scores. To see it in action, check out the announcement page.

Most of the development was done on the PinePhone Linux phone, but Plasma Mobile should work well on other devices. To get the latest version, visit the official website where you can choose between the KDE neon or postmarketOS operating systems to flash on your device.

Last updated 3 years ago

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