KDevelop 5.5 Released with Initial Python 3.8 Support

KDevelop 5.5

The KDevelop 5.5 open-source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) has been released today bringing various improvements and bug fixes for C++, PHP, and Python languages.

Packed with improvements and new features that the development team worked on for the past six months, the KDevelop 5.5 release is here to introduce initial support for the Python 3.8 programming language. This should help Python developers keep their applications up-to-date with the latest trends.

PHP support has been improved as well in this release with support for typed properties in PHP 7.4, the ability to import functions and constants from other namespaces, support for “array of type”, as well as support for class constant visibility.

The improvements for C++ language include support for configurable predefined checkset selections in Clazy and Clang-tidy, the ability to skip clang-provided override items from code completion, and the ability to visit Lambda init captures with identifier and initializer, which is supported by LLVM/Clang 9.0.0 and higher.

Other noteworthy changes include reproducible tar archives, rebasing support, the ability to read the global color scheme name from its file, support for using KColorSchemeManager’s default scheme option, and the implementation of a shell-embedded message area that avoids dialog windows.

A new setting allows users to disable close buttons on tabs, and Flatpak support has been enhanced with the ability for developers to pass environment variables from the process environment when setting up their Flatpak environment.

For a full list of changes, you can check out the release announcement. KDevelop 5.5 is available for download as a 64-bit AppImage, which should install on most GNU/Linux distributions. KDevelop is free and open-source, supports C, C++, PHP, Python, and QML/JavaScript languages, and works on Linux, Windows, and macOS systems.

Last updated 4 years ago

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