Kodi 19.2 Improves Xbox Support and Support for Devices Running Old Android Versions

Kodi 19.2

Kodi 19.2 open-source, cross-platform and free home theater and powerful media center software is now available as the latest stable release in the Kodi 19 “Matrix” series.

Kodi 19.2 is here five months after Kodi 19.1, which introduced initial support of the Kodi 19 “Matrix” series for the Xbox gaming console, added better support for SMB shares, improved reliability for HTTP and NFS network filesystems, enabled file caching by default for network filesystems, and fixed playback of optical DVDs in Linux.

The big news in Kodi 19.2 is that Xbox support has been greatly improved. For example, it improves the performance of the HEVC DXVA2 decoder using 128 byte aligned decoder surfaces, improves support for 10-bit swap chain surfaces used for HDR-capable TVs, and improves swap chain performance when using the DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_FLIP_DISCARD variable.

Moreover, Xbox users can now enjoy Kodi’s GUI in native 4K resolution and playback of 4K HEVC videos without the media center crashing due to out-of-memory condition. Moreover, Kodi 19.2 fixes a crash that occurred when enablling the “Switch display refresh rate at Start/Stop” option with a 4K resolution, and fixes a bug to make Kodi use tone mapping by default when playing HDR videos.

The developers warn Xbox users who are still running the older Kodi 18.9 “Leia” release that they will face a major upgrade straight to Kodi 19.2 “Matrix.”

In addition to the Xbox improvements, this second point release to the Kodi 19 “Matrix” series improves support for devices running old Android versions by making the external storage volumes visible, adds translations for emulators and game controller add-ons, fixes various crashes and some minor bug fixes in the PVR component, and and improves the display logic for official and third-party modules.

More details about the bug fixes included in Kodi 19.2 can be found in the release announcement page. Meanwhile, you can download this release for your favorite platform, including Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, Windows/Xbox, iOS, tvOS, and macOS from the official website.

Images credits: Kodi.tv

Last updated 3 years ago

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