Krita 4.4 Released with Major Updates to Fill Layers, New Brush Options

Krita 4.4

The Krita Foundation released today Krita 4.4, a new maintenance update in the 4.x series of their open-source, free and cross-platform digital painting software.

Krita 4.4 is here about four months after Krita 4.3 and it’s packed with some important updates to the fill layers, including multi-threading support to make them faster on multi-core computers, transformations for the pattern fill, including the ability to rotate patterns, as well as a new fill layer option for filling the whole screen with dots, lines, squares, waves, etc.

“This fill layer allows you to quickly generate the simple pattern you need on the fly, which is very useful for those doing comic book illustration or similar highly graphics styles,” reads today’s announcement.

Furthermore, Krita 4.4 introduces a new fill layer that can generate Penrose tilings and Quasicrystal structures, among other elements, and integrates Disney Animation’s SeExpr expression language, which lets you create your own fill layers.

On top of that, this release brings some exciting new options to the brush engines, including support for diagonal lines to allow the simultaneous modification of lightness and saturation of the currently active color, and support for dynamic changing of gradients of currently selected foreground and background colors.

You can download Krita 4.4 right now from the official website as an AppImage binary that you can run on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution, or as a source package that you can compile on your favorite distro. However, Krita 4.4 should also be available shortly from the stable repositories of various Linux distros.

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