Krita 5.0 Arrives Just in Time for Christmas, New Beta Is Out Now for Public Testing

Krita 5.0 Christmas

The upcoming Krita 5.0 free and open-source digital painting app has been slated for release before the Christmas holidays and a new beta release is now available for public testing.

The third beta of Krita 5.0 is here with lots of improvements and bug fixes to make the final release more stable and reliable. For example, it improves the alpha-mask PNG brush tips, adds support for loading the thumbnails for MYB mypaint brushes in a bundle, and fixes performance issues in the Magnetic Selection tool and textured brushes.

It also fixes drag and drop of remote images, as well as copy/paste of images from the Google Chrome web browser, disables subpixel translation in the Transform tool, improves the styling of the tagging widget, updates the detection of the Intel GPU driver version, and makes the line tool’s preview faster.

Also improved in Krita 5.0 beta 3 is the welcome page, importing of bundles, handling of layer styles, handling and editing of palettes, creating, saving and updating of workspaces and SeExpr scripts, exporting of images with EXIV data, drag and drop of colors on the canvas, exporting of a recorder session, discrete canvas rotation, the usability of navigating keyframes, handling of JPEG2000 images, and the tablet right-click pop-up palette behavior.

Furthermore, it adds support for 10 and 12-bit HDR images, LoD support on OpenGL ES 2, support for float and half textures, and support for VFX Platform CY2021 and newer versions. It also changes the default DPI to 300 when importing a PDF document, improves the SeExpr UI and parser, and adds more protection from duplicate names in the storyboard docker.

Another important change is the fact that autosave is now set to every 7 minutes. Of course, numerous bugs and crashes have been addresses in this third beta release to make Krita 5.0 as bug-free as possible. For more details, check out the release announcement page.

If you want to help the Krita developers release a bug-free Krita 5.0, you can download the beta 3 as an AppImage from here. The AppImage is an universal binary format that doesn’t require installation, just make it executable and run it from the folder where you’ve downloaded the app.

As mentioned before, the final release of Krita 5.0 is expected before Christmas!

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