Latest Kdenlive Video Editor Release Brings Major Overhaul to Guide/Marker System, More

Version 22.12 is available for download with new "Guides" dock, UI improvements, and keyframable audio filters
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Kdenlive 22.12 open-source video editor has been released last week as part of the major KDE Gear 22.12 software suite, and now an official announcement was published to reveal more details on the new features and improvements.

In this update, Kdenlive‘s guide/marker system received a major overhaul to help you better organize your projects. The software now organizes all marker (clips) and guide (timeline) features in a new “Guides” dock where displayed content depends on the selection. Due to this change, the “Markers” tab was removed from the clip properties.

Moreover, the new “Guides” dock makes it easier to seek, search, sort, and filter by category or text, and integrates better with keyboard navigation to help you more quickly seek and find a timeline guide. Also, the import and export of markers functionality has been improved.

The overhauled guide/marker system also makes it possible to manage categories by using custom colors and names, as well as to simultaneously add, edit, or remove multiple markers.

The Kdenlive 22.12 release also makes the audio level visualization, audio spectrum, and audio wave form filters keyframeable, and implements a common copy/past behavior of keyframes via the CTRL+C and CTRL+V keyboard shortcuts, as well as new copy/paste buttons in the effect keyframe bar.

Among other noteworthy changes, the new Kdenlive version improves the Glaxnimate integration with the ability to send the content of the timeline to Glaxnimate, which then shows it as background, adds a new option to set the maximum size for stored cached data, and makes it even faster to remove space or clips in the timeline.

But wait, that’s not all as Kdenlive 22.12 also makes it possible to hide the menu bar and save some space via a new hamburger menu in the toolbar, improves the “What’s this?” tooltips in several places of the interface with more details about the respective features, and cleans up the settings pages to help you more easily find various options.

“Besides the visible features already mentioned, the team worked a lot on cleaning up the code base to improve maintainability as well as preparing it for changes we expect in the near future such as nested timelines,” reads the release announcement.

Also included in this release is the ability to use PipeWire as SDL output, an improved color picker on Wayland sessions, better subtitle import, the ability to disable countdown for audio capturing, improved search functionality, a new Pixabay video provider on online resources, and improved logic for finding relocated files.

The Kdenlive 22.12 video editor is usually distributed as part of the KDE Gear 22.12 software suite on various GNU/Linux distributions, but you can download and install it as a standalone app from the official website, where you’ll find AppImage and Flatpak universal binaries that should work on almost any distro out there.

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