Latest Steam Client Update Brings Linux and Vulkan Fixes, Support for New Controllers

Steam Client Linux Fixes

Valve released today a new stable Steam Client update that brings more Linux and Vulkan improvements, support for new controllers, as well as other bug fixes.

It’s been two and a half months since the previous stable Steam Client update and now Valve pushed a new version that brings various bug fixes for Linux gamers, including a fix for an issue where the Steam Overlay “Force Quit” option wasn’t working for some native Linux games.

Also for Linux gamers, the new Steam Client update fixes an issue where some games were unable to create desktop shortcuts, a resource usage issue of the chat and browsers components when the Steam Client is minimized or closed, as well as an issue where the Steam Client triggered “split lock” warnings.

It looks like the Steam Overlay received quite some attention in this update as Valve improved support for Vulkan 1.3 apps, fixed a resource usage issue of the chat and web browser component that occurred in the Steam Overlay when it was hidden, and fixed an issue for Mac gamers where Steam Overlay was not displayed in some Metal games.

The new Steam Client update also brings good news for controller users as it introduces support for Nintendo Online classic controllers, support for the Qanba Obsidian and Dragon Arcade joysticks, and support for the HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4 controller. On top of that, Steam Client now comes with improved rumble emulation on DualSense Wireless Controllers with updated firmware.

Other than that, some Vulkan games that use the VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library should no longer crash, playback of certain game preview videos should now work flawlessly in the Steam Client, and it’s now once again possible to disable Steam Cloud Sync for your account.

Last but not least, the new Steam Client update fixes an issue where the “Your other games” section in the desktop version of the configurator wasn’t displaying results, an issue where incorrect controller configuration was loaded when starting a Remote Play stream, as well as an issue where the wrong Steam Cloud Sync failure was shown for remote games.

For more details, check out the release notes or read the changelog inside the Self Updater dialog. You can update to the new Steam Client version by going to the Steam menu and clicking on the “Check for Steam Client Updates” option.

Last updated 2 years ago

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