Latest Steam Client Update Brings PipeWire Desktop Capture on Linux, Reduces Vulkan Pre-Caching Sizes

Latest Steam Client Update

Valve released today a new stable Steam Client update that brings various improvements and new features for Linux gamers, as well as more bug fixes for a stable and reliable gaming experience.

The new stable Steam Client update is packed with lots of goodies for Linux users, starting with the availability of the PipeWire desktop capture feature, which can be enabled if you launch the Steam Client with the -pipewire command-line option.

It also reduces the size of Vulkan pre-caching datasets by splitting and versioning them according to the capabilities of your graphics driver, as well as of Proton versions available in your system. Due to this change, the Vulkan pre-caching datasets will start from scratch after updating to the new Steam Client version.

Furthermore, this release fixes a couple of bugs, including an issue where Linux games saw multiple controllers when Steam Controller configuration support was enabled, and a bug where the Linux Steam Client didn’t get any controller input after starting streaming.

In addition to these Linux-specific changes, the new Steam Client update improves the handling of corrupted game files by reusing as much of the corrupted file as possible to save bandwidth when downloading the correct data for that file, improves slow re-connection to the Steam Client after resuming your system from suspend, and improves handling of multiple PlayStation 5 controllers connected via the Steam Link app.

The Steam Cloud feature has been improved as well in this release by enabling the ability to transfer large save game files for users with limited upload bandwidth by increasing upload time, and addressing an infinite retry loop for failed background file downloads.

The new stable Steam Client release will be automatically downloaded and installed the next time you restart the application. You can also manually update to the new version by clicking on the “Check for Steam Client Updates” menu item in the Steam menu.

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