Latest Steam Client Update Enables New Big Picture Mode by Default, Adds Linux Fixes

The new release also adds a bunch of new features for the Big Picture mode and improved controller support.
Latest Steam Client Linux

Valve released today a new stable Steam Client update for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms to add various new features and fix many bugs, crashes, and issues.

The biggest change in the new Steam Client update is the enablement of the new Big Picture mode, the one that resembles Steam Deck‘s UI, by default. So, after this update, say goodbye to the old Big Picture mode and welcome the new and fancy one on your Steam for Linux client.

Those who don’t like the new Big Picture mode will still be able to access the old one by using the -oldbigpicture command-line option. However, Valve noted the fact that the old Big Picture mode will be removed for good in a future update.

Back to the new Big Picture mode, it now features a new option to start it in windowed mode (Settings > Display > Big Picture Mode > Windowed), a new option to turn off controllers when exiting BPM, Steam Controller dongle pairing support, the ability to move the standalone and overlay keyboard, and pinned notifications.

Furthermore, the new Big Picture now presents users with a notification when an Xbox controller is plugged in, lets you activate the on-screen keyboard when the Steam window is not focused, and displays icons for partial/full controller support, VR support, as well as mouse and keyboard-only support in Library.

Talking about Linux, the new Steam Client update fixes a crash in the libaudio library, some errors that cause the Library to fail to render properly, closing of non-Steam shortcuts via the overlay when two or more are running, as well as another crash that occurred when taking screenshots through the overlay.

Moreover, the new update fixes audio crackling and loss in Remote Play when streaming from Linux, addresses an issue with duplicate streaming dialogs appearing on Linux, and fixes an issue with detecting game windows on Linux.

Other major changes included in this latest Steam Client stable update are a new UI to replace the launch option dialog, which includes a checkbox to remember the user’s selection, the ability to change download regions without restarting Steam, as well as better load times for users with huge game libraries.

Steam now also supports the Armor-X Pro gamepad in PS4 mode and the ThrustMaster eSwap PRO Controller Xbox. Moreover, the controller configuration screen now features specific layout preview pages for the XBox Elite and Switch Pro controllers, as well as a search tab for the controller layout browser screen and support for previewing configurations.

Of course, numerous issues were fixed, so check out the full release notes for extra reading or check out the changelog directly in the update window inside Steam. Talking about that, you can install the new Steam Client update by going to Steam > Check for Steam Client Updates.

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