Latte Dock Is Getting On-Demand SideBars and Vertical Stick Buttons

Latte Dock On-Demand Sidebars

The popular dock-like application Latte Dock is getting some new features in an upcoming release expected later this year, on-demand sidebars and vertical stick buttons.

More and more Linux users are using a dock on their favorite distributions, and that’s probably because it’s much more versatile and flexible than a traditional menubar or panel. Some even combine all of them for more versatility.

Latte Dock is one of the most popular dock-like application launchers out there, for GNU/Linux distributions. While it’s developed for KDE’s Plasma desktop, it can also be easily integrated with other desktop environments like LXQt, GNOME or Xfce.

Latte Dock already provides a great arsenal of features, but developer Michail Vourlakos just unveiled today in a short blog post another new feature to drool over, called On-Demand SideBars.

What are On Demand SideBars? Well, it appears to be a visibility option for panels and docks that make them be displayed only after external interaction from a third-party source that can be either a Plasma applet, a script, or a shortcut.

You can see the new On Demand SideBars feature in action below. The feature also comes accompanied by new vertical Stick buttons that you can use to stick panels or docks on the top or bottom of the screen, on top of other panels.

These cool changes will vastly improve the experience for vertical panels and docks. They will be implemented in the upcoming Latte Dock 0.10 release, which should hit the streets sometime this summer, most probably along with other neat enhancements.

Until then, you have a new stable version to install on your GNU/Linux distribution, Latte Dock 0.9.9, which was released last week with much-improved new user experience.

Oh, and by the way, here’s a link to that awesome wallpaper.

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