Lenovo to Certify Its Full Workstation Portfolio for Ubuntu LTS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Lenovo announced that they will certify their entire portfolio of ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations for Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

In April, Lenovo surprised the Linux community by partnering with the Fedora Project to offer the Fedora Linux distribution on some of its laptops, including the ThinkPad P1 Gen2, ThinkPad P53, and ThinkPad X1 Gen8.

Now, the well known hardware manufacturer took another step in getting its hardware ready for Linux users by announcing that it will bring Linux certification to its full workstation portfolio for top GNU/Linux distributions from Canonical and Red Hat.

According to the company, every model and configuration of its ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations will be certified for Ubuntu LTS versions, such as Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa), as well as the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family of distributions.

As you can expect, this Linux certification will ensure that all the ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations made by Lenovo will support Ubuntu or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to configure and buy a workstation with Linux pre-installed, at least not yet.

“Our entire portfolio of ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations will now be certified via both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu LTS,” said Rob Herman, General Manager, Executive Director Workstation & Client AI Group. “This total certification will assure users their workstation investment is tried, tested and officially verified,”

To make things even more interesting, Lenovo says that they’ll upstream device drivers needed for their workstations directly into the mainline Linux kernel to maintain the compatibility and stability during the entire life cycle of the respective workstations.

On top of that, the hardware manufacturer will provide the Linux community with full web support and a dedicated Linux forum for configuration guidance and everything else that users need to make Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux work flawlessly on their workstations.

Lenovo’s Linux certified portfolio of workstations will roll out later this month starting with the ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations first. Linux certification for the ThinkStation Series workstations will probably be available sometime later in the year.

Image: Lenovo

Last updated 4 years ago

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