Linux From Scratch 9.1 Adds Zstandard and Linux 5.5 Support, Many Updates

Linux From Scratch

The Linux From Scratch (LFS) 9.1 and Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) 9.1 books that help you build your own GNU/Linux distribution from scratch have been released with support for the latest technologies.

Linux From Scratch (LFS) 9.1 and Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) 9.1 are major releases that add support for the latest Linux 5.5 kernel series. Linux kernel 5.5.3 is supported in these new versions, which also add support for the Zstandard (ZSTD) fast lossless compression algorithm.

This will ensure you’re building a GNU/Linux distribution from scratch with Linux kernel 5.5 and ZSTD compression for packages.

A total of 35 packages have been updated in the LFS 9.1 release, including core components like GNU C Library (Glibc) 2.31 and GNU Binutils 2.34. Additionally, various changes were made to the text throughout the book.

Covering more than 1000 packages than the Linux From Scratch Version book, the new Beyond Linux From Scratch release includes more than 840 updates, and, of course, the usual text and formatting changes.

A complete list with all the updated packages can be found here for LFS 9.1 and here for BLFS 9.1.

Both the LFS 9.1 and Beyond LFS 9.1 releases are available with and without support for the systemd init system as HMTL and PDF formats that you can view on the release announcement page.

Using these books, you will be able to successfully create your own, custom Linux-based operating system built entirely from source code and not based on any other existing GNU/Linux distribution.

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