Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” Announced with New Bulk Renaming App, Beta Is Coming Mid-June

Linux Mint 20.2

The Linux Mint project announced today that they are working on the next major release of their Ubuntu-based distribution for the masses, Linux Mint 20.2.

Dubbed “Uma,” Linux Mint 20.2 will be the second major point release in the Linux Mint 20 series, which is derived from the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) operating system series and supported until 2025. Most probably, Linux Mint 20.2 will be based on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS.

The even better news is that a beta version will be ready for testing as soon as mid-June, in about two weeks from the moment of writing this article, so we can have an early taste of the new features and improvements.

Talking about that, it looks like Linux Mint 20.2 will be shipping with a brand-new app, called Bulky, which can be used to bulk rename files. The was built by the Linux Mint team as part of their XApps initiative and will work on both Cinnamon and MATE desktop environments, as the Xfce edition already has a bulk renamer in the Thunar file manger.

Last month, the Linux Mint devs said that they’re already working on the next major release of the Cinnamon desktop environment, version 5, so that might be another big new feature coming to Linux Mint 20.2. Cinnamon 5 will feature management tools for checking for and performing updates of Cinnamon Spices.

Another interesting feature of the upcoming Cinnamon 5 desktop environment is the Nemo 5 file manager, which will feature content search supporting regular expressions and recursive folder search, combining file search and content search in a single app.

Other than that, the Linux Mint team is working on a new version of their Warpinator app, which will let you select the network interface you want to use for sharing files and feature a new, optional compression setting that promises to speed up file transfers up to 3 times.

Also updated was the nvidia-prime-applet, to version 1.2.7, which features support for computers with AMD/NVIDIA hybrids graphics. More details are available in Linux Mint’s monthly report for May 2021.

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