Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 Beta Is Now Available for Download

LMDE 4 beta

The final release of the upcoming LMDE (Linux Mind Debian Edition) 4 operating system is just around the corner as the Linux Mint team released today the beta version for public testing.

Announced at the end of January, Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 “Debbie” is based on Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series and will be released before Linux Mint 20 as it’s mostly an updated installation media for those who want to deploy the latest LMDE operating system on new computers without having to download hundreds of updates after the installation.

The new features in Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 can be spotted right from the boot as this release includes a new boot option that lets users start the live system with out-of-the-box support for Nvidia graphics cards. Yes, that’s right, the proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers are now preloaded in the ISO image.

Previous LMDE versions used the the open-source Nouveau driver for Nvidia GPUs, but it didn’t work well with certain chipsets so users ended up without a graphical display. Users will also be able to boot LMDE 4 in compatibility mode, which should work with most graphics chipsets.

LMDE 4 boot menu

Furthermore, the graphical installer has been updated in Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 to make the slideshow look and feel like Ubuntu’s Ubiquity installer in Linux Mint, add the ability to encrypt the home directory, as well as to support Btrfs submodules.

Of course, LMDE 4 also comes with all the goodies from the Linux Mint 19.3 “Tricia” release, including the latest Cinnamon 4.4.8 desktop environment, XApp status icons, language settings, improved HiDPI support, new boot menus, and several new apps, such as Boot Repair, Celluloid, Drawing, Gnote, and HDT.

It’s unclear when the final release of LMDE 4 will be available to the general public, but you can take the beta version for a spin right now by downloading the 32-bit or 64-bit live ISO images from the official download mirrors. Please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version, so don’t install it on a production machine.

Users interesting in testing LMDE 4 beta are urged to revise the known issues present in this release here and report bugs here. An official announcement is available here.

LMDE 4 beta
Under the hood of LMDE 4

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