LXQt 0.15.0 Desktop Released with New Archive Manager, Many Improvements

LXQt 0.15.0

The LXQt project has released today the LXQt 0.15.0 update for their open-source and lightweight desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions.

Arriving three months after version 0.14, the LXQt 0.15.0 release packs many improvements and new features. The most prominent one being LXQt Archiver, a brand-new and a fully functioning archive manager that integrates with the PCManFM-Qt by default and it’s based on its LibFM-Qt core library.

Talking about PCManFM-Qt, the default file manager of LXQt, it received several improvements. These include better keyboard navigation, support for single window mode, the ability to save mount passwords, richer file tooltips, as well as smarter extension handling on the LXQt file dialog.

Moreover, PCManFM-Qt will now support the different wallpapers when using multi-monitor configurations. It’s also now capable of displaying deletion time for Trash, better handle remote folders, and allow users to toggle thumbnails on the fly.

The LXQt Panel also received some attention in LXQt 0.15.0. A new plugin will let users change the display backlight, searching the applications menu is now a smoother operation, and it’s now possible to display only the active desktop on Desktop Switcher.

A new option in the Task Manager will now let users move windows to the next or previous virtual desktop using just the mouse wheel on the panel. Also, panel positioning has been improved for multi-monitor configurations.

Another component that’s been updated is QTerminal, the default terminal emulator. In LXQt 0.15.0, QTerminal has a more compact and scrollable settings dialog, supports fixed custom sizes, allows switching to tabs by index, supports borderless state, and supports sending of command-line history to a text editor.

The LXImage Qt image viewer now features an “Open With…” file menu entry, lets users customize keyboard shortcuts and configure the maximum number of recent files. It also now supports displaying of image outline.

Last but not least, LXQt 0.15.0 adds a new option in LXQt Power Management to allow users to change the display backlight when the computer is idle and improves drag and drop of screens in LXQt Configuration’s Monitor Settings.

LXQt (Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment) is the next generation of LXDE, the Lightweight Desktop Environment, already used by default in popular distributions like Lubuntu. To download LXQt 0.15.0, go to the official website or install it from the software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution.

Image: LXQt

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