Manjaro 21.1 “Pahvo” Released with Linux Kernel 5.13, GNOME 40, and Improved Installer

Manjaro 21.1

The long-anticipated Manjaro 21.1 “Pahvo” operating system release is now available to download for all supported flavors, featuring many improvements and updated components.

Manjaro 21.1 “Pahvo” comes almost five months after Manjaro 21.0 “Ornara” and it’s the first release of the Arch Linux-based distribution to ship with the latest and greatest GNOME 40 desktop environment that features a redesigned Activities Overview, as well as numerous other visual changes.

The Manjaro 21.0 “Ornara” release shipped only with support for GNOME 40 apps, but now users of the GNOME edition can finally enjoy a full-featured GNOME 40 desktop. And, for those who don’t like the new Activities Overview design, there’s the good old vertical desktop layout too.

In addition, the Firefox web browser has been updated in the GNOME edition to offers users a GNOME desktop style theme, which is enabled by default, for a more consistent look.

While the Xfce edition, which is the flagship Manjaro edition, still uses the latest Xfce 4.16 desktop environment, the KDE Plasma edition in Manjaro 21.1 “Pahvo” has been updated to the latest and greatest KDE Plasma 5.22 series, which now features a better software selection and other enhancements.

Under the hood, the new Manjaro Linux release is powered by the latest Linux 5.13 kernel series and ships with a greatly improved Calamares installer that now features enhanced Btrfs support and file system selection for automatic partitioning.

“For Btrfs installations, the default subvolume layout has been improved for easier rollbacks and less wasted space on snapshots. Additionally, swapfiles on Btrfs filesystem are now supported,” reads the forum announcement.

Manjaro 21.1 “Pahvo” is now available for download from the official website for those who want to deploy the Arch Linux-based rolling-release operating system on new computers. It’s available as Xfce, KDE Plasma, and GNOME flavors, as well as a Minimal edition that ships with the long-term supported Linux 5.4 LTS kernel.

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