Manjaro Linux 20.0 “Lysia” Released with Linux Kernel 5.6, This Is What’s New

Manjaro Linux 20.0

The Manjaro community announced today the release and general availability of Manjaro Linux 20.0, a major new series of their Arch Linux-based distribution that introduces new features and improvements.

Two months in the works, Manjaro Linux 20.0 is dubbed “Lysia” and ships with the usual flavors, Xfce, GNOME, and KDE Plasma. Of course, the Manjaro Architect edition has been updated as well and it now supports ZFS installation by providing required kernel modules.

Probably the best new feature of the Manjaro Linux 20.0 release is the inclusion of the latest Linux 5.6 kernel series, which comes with built-in support for the WireGuard VPN protocol, among numerous other new features.

Of course, each of the flavors ship with the latest version of their desktop environments. Xfce 4.14 is the flagship edition of Manjaro Linux 20.0, but you can also enjoy GNOME 3.36 and KDE Plasma 5.18.

As for the user visible changes, the Manjaro Xfce edition features a new theme called Matcha, a new feature called Display-Profiles that lets users store display profile configurations, along with the ability to automatically apply these profiles whenever the displays are connected.

On the other hand, the Manjaro KDE Plasma edition adds extra color schemes for the Kate text editor, introduces Plasma-Simplemenu as an alternative to Plasma’s Kickoff application launcher, and it’s packed with the recently released KDE Applications 20.04 software suite.

Changes of the Manjaro GNOME edition include聽zsh as default shell, updated Gnome-Layout-Switcher utility to make it easier to switch layouts, automatic changing of the dynamic wallpaper’s color theme throughout the day, and sorted apps in folders.

Under the hood, Manjaro Linux 20.0 features the Pamac 9.4 graphical package management tool with Flatpak and Snap support enabled by default. Also, Pamac can now suggests users to install and app they search for in the interface.

“You can now install Snaps or Flatpaks very easily with Pamac in UI and terminal to make more use of an even much larger selection of latest Linux applications,” said Manjaro Project leader. “For GNOME users we enabled similar features as supported by GNOME Software to get more package information by simply right clicking them in GNOME Shell app drawer.”

You can download Manjaro Linux 20.0 “Lysia” right now from the official website. Of course, these new ISO images are here only for new/fresh installations as existing Manjaro Linux users need only to apply the latest updates from the package manager to keep their installations up-to-date.

Image: Manjaro

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