MATE 1.24 Desktop Environment Released with New Apps, Many Improvements

MATE 1.24

A new major release of the lightweight MATE desktop environment has been released today, MATE 1.24, which brings numerous improvements and updates across many core components and apps.

Almost a year in development, the MATE 1.24 desktop environment introduces the ability for users to hide certain applications during startup, adds support for NVMe drives in the System Monitor panel applet, and improves support for HiDPI displays for Control Center’s icons.

Moreover, MATE 1.24 adds support for mouse acceleration profiles, support for “pi” or “蟺” symbols to the Calculator app, as well as Wayland support and support for embedded color profiles to the Eye of MATE image viewer.

The Engrampa archive manager received support for some extra formats and improved password support, especially for passwords that contain Unicode characters. Furthermore, all the Pluma plugins are now Python 3 compatible.

Marco, the window manager, comes with lots of goodies, including revamped Alt+Tab and Workspace Switcher popups with beautiful OSD styles and better keyboard navigation support, invisible resize borders, HiDPI window controls, more window decorations, and support for cycling through different tiling window sizes with the keyboard.

MATE 1.24 comes with a new Time and Date Manager app

There’s also a brand new Time and Date Manager app for managing the time and date of your Linux system. So when updating to MATE 1.24, make sure this new app is installed as well. If not, install it manually from your distro’s repositories.

Also new is the MATE Disk Image Mounter utility, which allows users to more easily mount and manage external disk drives on their MATE-based GNU/Linux distribution. Just like with the Time and Date Manager app, make sure to install this utility as well when upgrading to MATE 1.24.

Another cool new feature in this release is support for the elogind user, seat and session manager on systems that do not support the systemd init system. Both MATE Session and MATE Screensaver now support elogind.

Moreover, the MATE Panel received Wayland support, along with the ability to show window thumbnails on hover on the Window List applet. Also, the Preferred Applications app now better integrates with IM (Instant Messaging) clients, the notification daemon now supports a Do Not Disturb mode, and the Mozo menu editor now lets users use Undo and Redo actions.

There are many other smaller improvements included in the MATE 1.24 release, which should soon be available from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. The source packages are also available for download here for those who want to compile the MATE Desktop themselves.

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Last updated 4 years ago

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