Meet Giara, a New Reddit App for the Linux Desktop, Written in GTK


If you’re looking for an actively developed Reddit app for your GNU/Linux distribution, look no further as Giara is a new Reddit app for Linux written with Python 3 and GTK 3.

Meet Giara, a new free and open-source Reddit client application for the Linux desktop, created by Gabriele Musco. Designed using the latest GTK+/GNOME technologies, Giara is designed to become the go to app for all your Reddit needs, so you won’t have to keep a tab open on your web browser just for Reddit.

In development for some time now, Giara is now ready for mass adoption and it’s already being packaged for the Arch Linux distribution, as well as a Flatpak universal binary for most GNU/Linux distributions out here. The app comes with most of the main features you would expect from a serious Reddit app.

These include the ability to create new posts, comment and reply to comments in posts, upvote or downvote posts, search subreddits when creating new posts, support for multireddits, notifications for unread inbox items, the ability to change your profile settings, and markdown support.

Giara also comes with a Dark Mode, which probably most of you out there would love from an app, especially during late night reading, three main views including Best, Hot, colorful comment border lines. In Settings, you’ll be able to disable images in post previews clear the cache, or setting a maximum size for images.

But that’s not all, as developer Gabriele Musco is working hard to bring Giara on feature parity with the Reddit web client and implement even more cool features, such as support for awards, galleries, polls, and private messages.

If you want to give Giara a try right now, I recommend installing the Flatpak version from Fluthub. If you’re on Arch Linux or an Arch Linux-based distribution, you can install Giara by installing the giara-git package from AUR. Moreover, the source code is available on GNOME’s Gitlab if you want to hack it and contribute with new features or translations.

Image credits: Gabriele Musco

Last updated 3 years ago

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