Meet Proxmox Backup Server, a Debian-Based Open Source Enterprise Backup Solution

Proxmox Backup Server

Proxmox launched today Proxmox Backup Server as a new edition of its Debian-based Linux distribution engineered to act as an enterprise solution for backing up and restoring physical hosts, virtual machines and containers.

Meet Proxmox Backup Server, an open-source enterprise backup solution that’s easy to manage and comes with great features like support for incremental backups, Zstandard (Zstd) compression, deduplication, as well as authenticated encryption (AE).

While incremental backups will ensure that the distribution will only read and backup the changes, thus reducing bandwidth and storage space, deduplication and Zstandard compression will avoid redundancy and minimize used storage space.

Other great features of Proxmox Backup Server include remote synchronization across multiple locations, client-side AES-256 encryption in Galois/Counter mode, both command-line (CLI) and web-based user interfaces, advanced scheduling of maintenance tasks, and data integrity with SHA-256 checksum algorithm.

Proxmox Backup Server also fully supports the Proxmox Virtual Environment Linux distribution, an open-source server virtualization management platform from Proxmox, allowing users to easily backup virtual machines with support for QEMU dirty bitmaps, as well as containers.

“Proxmox Backup Server ensures that protecting your most valuable data is quick and effortless,” said Martin Maurer. “With strong encryption and methods of ensuring data integrity, backing up data is safe, even to targets which are not fully trusted.”

Under the hood, Proxmox Backup Server is based on the latest Debian GNU/Linux 10.6 “Buster” release and it’s powered by the long-term supported Linux 5.4 kernel series. It also uses powerful Open Source technologies like ZFS (ZFS On Linux) for advanced file system and volume manager.

You can download the first ever release of Proxmox Backup Server right now from the official website or by using the direct download link below. The Proxmox team recommend installing the distribution on enterprise-grade server hardware that pack enough storage and it’s in the same datacenter as your Proxmox VE hosts.

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