Mixxx 2.3.1 Free DJ Software Adds Support for New Controllers, Improves HiDPI Support

Mixxx 2.3.1

Daniel Schürmann released today Mixxx 2.3.1 as the first bugfix and minor improvement update to the major Mixxx 2.3 series released at the end of June 2021.

Fans of the open-source DJ software will be happy to learn that the Mixxx 2.3.1 release introduces support for 125% and 175% HiDPI scale factors to make the application look better on HiDPI/4K displays. However, it should be noted the fact that this feature is only supported on systems where Qt 5.14 or later is installed.

This update to one of the greatest and free DJ software out there also brings support for new hardware. For example, it adds mappings for the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch and Numark Mixtrack Pro FX controllers, and updates the mappings for the Behringer DDM4000 mixer and the Denon MC7000 controller.

In addition, the Hercules Inpulse 300 controller received better FX controls and some other minor improvements, the Denon MC7000 controller now features improved slip mode and jog wheel handling, and Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol S3 controler gets a workaround for the locked scratch issue that occurred when switching decks.

Other improvements in the Mixxx 2.3.1 release include better performance on AArch64 (ARM64) hardware by enabling flush-to-zero for floating-point arithmetic, updated keyboard shortcuts sheet, updated Tango skin to show crossfader assign buttons by default, and the enablement of tooltips in Preferences.

Since this is mostly a bugfix release, numerous issues were resolved to make Mixxx more stable and reliable for all your DJing needs. Some noteworthy ones include disabled detection of keyboards and mice as HID controller, better handling of corrupt Rekordbox PDB files, and updated Echo effect to no longer add left channel samples to the right channel.

Furthermore, Mixxx 2.3.1 no longer enables the “Controller enabled” checkbox in Preferences if the controller is disabled, automatically activates sidebar items on PageUp/Down events in the Library sidebar, and improves the Auto DJ feature to no longer skip tracks randomly and to address an issue where an empty track would stop Auto DJ.

A high CPU load issue that occurred due to extremely high internal sync clock values was addressed as well in this release, along with several other nasty bugs. For more details, you can study the full changelog on the project’s GitHub page, from where you can also download the source tarball.

Ubuntu users can install the Mixxx 2.3.1 release right now using the official PPA for Ubuntu 21.10, 21.04, 20.04 LTS, and 18.04 LTS. Please note that if you want to use Mixxx with PipeWire via the JACK API on your device, you’ll have to update to PortAudio 19.7.

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