Mozilla Enables Firefox’s “Total Cookie Protection” Privacy Feature by Default on Desktop

Total Cookie Protection

In an attempt to make Firefox one of the most private and secure web browsers on the planet, Mozilla today announced the rollout of the “Total Cookie Protection” privacy feature by default for all desktop users.

One of Firefox’s strongest privacy features, Total Cookie Protection was first introduced with the Firefox 86 release of the open-source web browser, was extended to the Private Browsing mode with the Firefox 89 release, and further improved in Firefox 91 to prevent data leaks.

If you haven’t heard, Total Cookie Protection protects your privacy by confining cookies to the website where they’re created. This prevents tracking companies from using the said cookies to track your browsing activity as you navigate across multiple websites.

The privacy was first enabled by default on Firefox only when you switched on the web browser’s privacy mode. But, as of today, the anti-tracking feature is enabled by default for Firefox uses on desktop platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows) worldwide, without toggling anything on or affecting their web browsing experience.

“By making Total Cookie Protection the default for all users, Firefox is now leaving Chrome and Edge in the dust when it comes to privacy protection,” said Mozilla in a press release. “Mozilla believes that while advertising is central to the internet economy, consumer privacy should not be optional. Total Cookie Protection works by creating a separate “cookie jar” for each website you visit. Instead of allowing trackers to link up your behavior on multiple sites, they just get to see behavior on individual sites.”

The Total Cookie Protection anti-tracking feature will be enabled by default on your desktop installation of Firefox through Mozilla’s Test Pilot program if you have a Firefox account and opted-in to be in the know about new product testing. Basically, you don’t have to do anything but fire up your Firefox web browser and enjoy trackless browsing.

Last updated 2 years ago

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