Mozilla Thunderbird 78.6 Improves Calendar’s Dark Mode on Linux, OpenPGP

Mozilla Thunderbird 78.6

Mozilla Thunderbird 78.6 arrived today as a bugfix update to the popular open-source and cross-platform email and news client for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.

Mozilla Thunderbird 78.6 is mostly about further improving the OpenPGP implementation, which is the biggest feature of the Thunderbird 78 series allowing users to send encrypted messages with ease and without the need of a third-party extension.

As such, this release improves the discovery of keys online via Key Manager on Linux, improves inline PGP parsing, improves the Key Manager to no longer display properties of the wrong key after importing a secret key, improves the verification of clear signed UTF-8 text, and fixes the “Decrypt and Open/Save As” option for encrypted attachments.

In addition to the OpenPGP improvements, Linux users get a fully woking dark them for the Calendar component, which now no longer shows two “Home” calendars on a new profile and actually allows you to import an ICS file into a CalDAV calendar.

MailExtensions also received some enhancements in Thunderbird 78.6, such as the ability to access the default web browser set in your system, support for the menus API in messages that are being composed, improved HTTP refresh in browser content tabs, and various other fixes.

Among other noteworthy changes, Thunderbird 78.6 improves the general dark theme to also apply to the new mail notification popups, makes it possible to only display quota exceeded indications on the main window, and adds the keyboard shortcut for toggling the “read” status of emails in menus.

Moreover, the Address book component received a couple of fixes that make some columns to no longer incorrectly display no data and to make the address book view to update itself after changing the name format in the menu.

Some visual improvements were also added to the contact side bar, folder icon, and message list, and Thunderbird 78.6 fixes no less than eight security vulnerabilities detailed here.

You can download Mozilla Thunderbird 78.6 right now from the official website, but, if you’re using a popular GNU/Linux distribution, the new version of the email client will probably arrive soon in its stable repositories so you can easily update your installations.

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