Multimedia-Oriented AV Linux Distro Rebased on MX Linux, Adds New and Updated Audio Tools

AV Linux MX

The multimedia-oriented AV Linux distribution has a new release with a brand-new base derived from the popular, lightweight, and systemd-free MX Linux distro.

Based on the latest MX Linux 19.3 “Patito Feo” release, AV Linux MX Edition is here about six months after the last update to the project with many new and updated tools for audio production and musicians. The distro is still based on Debian GNU/Linux, but not derived from it anymore, but instead from MX Linux.

This means that AV Linux now inherits many of MX Linux’s goodies, including the fact that it doesn’t ship with the systemd init system by default. Of course, it also includes the many great tools and utilities of MX Linux.

The even greater news is that existing AV Linux users were not forgotten. They can still enjoy their installations based on the Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series, which will continue to be updated for the time being. However, all future development will be focused on MX Linux.

“MX is the new home base of AV Linux and I’m very excited about combining the phenomenal tools and utilities of MX with the well-known Content Creation focus that has defined AV Linux since 2008,” said developer Glen MacArthur.

Highlights of AV Linux MX Edition include the latest and greatest Linux 5.9 kernel series for top-notch hardware support, Xfce 4 and Openbox desktop variants with new custom “Diehard” and “Earth” themes, updated User Manual and Assistant tools, and support for removing all demoware with a single click.

Among the new tools included in this release, there’s the demo version of the REAPER complete digital audio production application, Odin 2 and Surge open source digital synthesizers, demo versions of ACM, Audio Assault, Auburn Sounds, Cut Through, and OverTone, as well as hundreds of FLOSS audio plugins.

Updated audio software include Ardour 6.5 digital audio workstation, the demo version of the Harrison Mixbus 6.2.26 digital audio workstation along with AVA plugin demos, and a complete Wine-Staging setup with LinVst 3.1.5 files pre-configured.

Of course, users will also find many great video and graphics tools like Avidemux, Blender, Cinelerra, GIMP, Inkscape, Kdenlive, Olive, Shotwell, and many others. You can see a preview of all these great new features in the video below and download the new release from the official website.

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