MX Linux 21 Distro Gets a Second Beta Release with Updated Installer and Live Boot Menus

MX Linux 21

The MX Linux team announced today the general availability for public testing of the second beta release of the upcoming MX Linux 21 distribution for all supported flavors.

At the end of July, the MX Linux 21 “Wildflower” distribution entered public beta testing with its flagship Xfce edition based on the recently released Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating system series. A month later, at the end of August, the KDE Plasma and Fluxbox editions entered beta testing too.

Now, almost two weeks later, a second beta release is available for all three flavors, bringing an updated installer, updated live boot menus with new rollback options, new Mesa Vulkan drivers, new “mx-comfort” themes, Debian’s Security repository enabled by default, as well as better support for some Realtek Wi-Fi cards.

For the Xfce edition, MX Linux 21 beta 2 introduces the Thunar Shares plugin for the Thunar file manager to access Samba shares, which you can access from a folder’s properties dialog, updates the dock-like plugin and various other Xfce packages to their latest versions, and removes the gtk3-nocsd package.

For the Fluxbox edition, the new beta release adds additional pre-configured setups for the panel, enables captions by default on the desktop, updates several of the mxfb-accessories scripts and the general configuration, improves the localization, and also removes the gtk3-nocsd package.

“We removed gtk3-nocsd as Debian’s package produced undesirable default results,” said the MX Linux devs. “The package is still installable via your favorite package managers.”

Lastly, the KDE Plasma edition comes with an updated Dolphin file manager that includes a fix for a crash that occurred when using the “Save desktop changes” option during installation.

If you want to test drive the MX Linux 21 beta 2 release and help the MX Linux devs further polish the final release, you can download the Xfce, Fluxbox or KDE Plasma flavors right now from the release announcement page. Please be aware of the known issues and the fact that you’ll have to reinstall over the first beta.

Thanks Swamp Rabbit for the tip!

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