NetworkManager 1.30 Adds Support for WPA3 Enterprise 192-Bit Mode, New Ethtool Offload Features

NetworkManager 1.26

NetworkManager 1.30 has been released today as the latest version of one of the most popular network connection management tools for Linux-based operating systems.

As expected, NetworkManager 1.30 is a major release that adds many great new features and improvements, including support for WPA3 Enterprise Suite-B 192 bit mode, support for handling Veth devices, a new “ipv4.dhcp-client-id=ipv6-duid” option for RFC4361, as well as new ethtool offload features.

This release also introduces new hostname settings for controlling and configuring the hostname from reverse DNS lookup and DHCP, support for configuring external-ids in Open vSwitch, and a longer timeout of the NetworkManager-wait-online.service of 60 seconds.

Moreover, this release adds support for a new “link6” IP method for IPv6 link-local only, support for the option, support for reading and writing keyfile format, and support for building NetworkManager on distributions that use musl libc, such as Alpine Linux.

NetworkManager 1.30 requires dhcpcd 9.3.3 or later for the dhcpcd plugin when using the –noconfigure option or dhcpcd will exit with a status code of 1. Also, NetworkManager now uses the nm_connection_verify() function to validate a profile instead of nm_setting_bond_add_option().

Many bug fixes and other smaller improvements are included in this release, which will soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. I recommend updating to NetworkManager 1.30 as soon as possible for a better and more modern network connection experience.

Linux OS maintainers and advanced Linux users who like to compile NetworkManager from sources can download the tarball from here.

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