New Steam Client Update Brings Linux Fixes, Other Improvements

New Steam Client Update

Valve released today a new Steam Client update for all supported platforms, including Linux, Mac, and Windows, with various bug fixes and other improvements to make your Steam gaming experience better.

The October 8 Steam Client update is here a month after the previous update, which was a major release with many changes. This update isn’t that big, but it brings various improvements for Linux users, such as an updated ‘scout’ steam runtime to version 0.20200910.0, a much-improved container runtime mode, especially around shared directories and DNS resolution, and an improved runtime information tool.

For all supported platforms, the update changes the download throttling setting in the Downloads page to be a custom value in Kbps. It also updates the Library to fix an issue that prevented the achievement unlock percentage from being displayed on game pages, as well as to improve the alignment of controls in the play bar on game pages.

The Library also received a new ‘Edit Review’ button to allow users to edit personal reviews on game pages. Moreover, the context menu in the Library was changed when viewing screenshots to allow users to browse to the screenshot file if it’s stored locally.

Last but not least, the new update implements a strong profanity filter on the Steam Client and games that leverage the Steam Text Filtering API to replace bad words with hearts and asterisks. You can change your chat filtering settings and choose what words are filtered in the Community Content Preferences.

Among some of the bugs fixed in this update, there’s a fix for a crash that occurred when the Steam Client was shut down very soon after starting while SDR network configuration fetch was in progress, as well as a fix for a bug affecting certificates expiring on long running processes (e.g. dedicated servers).

To update your Steam Client to the October 8 update, go to the Steam menu in the toolbar and click on the “Check for Updates” entry. The Steam Self Updater dialog will pop up to notify you about the new update and to restart the Steam Client for it to be installed correctly.

Oh, and don’t forget that Valve is running a game sale this week between October 7th and 13th, dubbed “The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition,” with many discounts for your favorite games. Happy gaming!

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