New Steam Client Update Further Improves the Big Picture Mode, Fixes More Bugs

This release fixes Control-1/Control-2 hotkeys on Linux, as well as various other issues.
Steam Big Picture Mode

Valve released a new Steam Client stable update to further improve the new Big Picture Mode, as well as to address various issues that were present in the previous version.

The last Steam Client stable update enabled the new Big Picture Mode, the one that resembles the Steam Deck UI, by default. Today’s update improves keyboard navigation by adding the F11 hotkey to let you toggle between windowed and full-screen modes, as well as the Alt+Enter hotkey to exit the Big Picture Mode.

The Big Picture Mode also received support for fast jumping by letter to the Big Picture Mode library, a new option to set up the initial location to show the keyboard on the desktop and in Steam overlay, a new option to enable and disable UI sounds, and support for the Virtual Keyboard in the Overlay to remember its last position.

With this update, Valve removed the UI that prompted users if they wanted to participate in the Steam Deck Verified program when in normal Big Picture Mode. Several bugs were addressed as well, including the broken Control-1/Control-2 hotkeys on Linux.

Among other changes, the new Steam Client update reverts back to the old Game Info dialog that’s accessible from the Friends List, reduces startup time for users with huge game libraries, fixes a crash that occurred when opening the Steam Store, and improves the Steam Library by fixing a couple of bugs.

On top of that, this update fixes Steam inputs to show for the Steam Link App Touchscreen controller, missing Team Fortress 2 Steam Controller startup sound, and some issues with the gyro drift calibration of the Nintendo Switch.

For extra reading and more details on the bugs fixed in this release, check out the release notes. Meanwhile, you can install the new Steam Client update by going to the Steam menu and clicking on the Check for Steam Client Updates entry.

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