Nitrux 1.3.8 Is Here with KDE Plasma 5.21, Support for Linux Kernel 5.11 and Mesa-Git

Nitrux 1.3.8

Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability of a new monthly update to the Nitrux Linux distribution, Nitrux 1.3.8, which comes with the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software.

The biggest change in Nitrux 1.3.8 is the upgrade to the latest and greatest KDE Plasma 5.21 desktop environment, which brings numerous new features and improvements. In fact, the first point release, KDE Plasma 5.21.1, is used in this new Nitrux version.

The KDE Plasma 5.21 desktop environment in Nitrux 1.3.8 is accompanied by the latest KDE Frameworks 5.79 and KDE Applications 20.12.2 open-source software suites, and features a new default window decoration forked from SierraBreezeEnchanced.

In addition, the Nitrux devs fixed the missing Night Color Control icon, reduced the height of the title bar and addresses some minor glitches on the sides of the title bar, and fixed unusable window buttons when using other button sizes than the default ones.

Another major change is the availability of the Mesa-Git package, which should make Linux gamers happy, along with two new kernel offerings, Liquorix and Xanmod. On top of that, Nitrux now offers support for latest Linux 5.11 kernel series, which can also be installed from the repositories.

Under the hood, Nitrux 1.3.8 is powered by the long-term supported Linux 5.4.100 LTS kernel and comes with various updated components and apps, including Mozilla Firefox 86, LibreOffice 7.0.1, GIMP 2.10.23, and appimage-cli-tool 0.1.4.

You can download Nitrux 1.3.8 right now from the official website if you want to install it on newer computers. In addition to the regular ISO image, the devs now also offer a Minimal ISO image for those who want to install Nitrux with another desktop environment than KDE Plasma and a minimal software selection.

“By default, this minimal image only includes SDDM, i3, Calamares, xterm, and X11. However, it does include our default selection of CLI tools and applications (cmus, ftp, hdparm, htop, links2, mc, ncdu, nsnake, tmate, tree), as well as appimage-cli-tool, appimagetool, Wine, etc.,” said the devs.

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