Nitrux 2.0 Launches with Linux Kernel 5.16, Better Hardware Support, and Visual Changes

Nitrux 2.0

Uri Herrera announced today the release of Nitrux 2.0 as the latest and greatest version of this Debian-based, systemd-free GNU/Linux distribution built around the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

While continuing the monthly release cycle, Nitrux 2.0 is here as a major update to the systemd-free distribution that tweaks its KDE Plasma-based NX Desktop graphical environment to make it look more modern and usable.

Probably the biggest change in this release is the implementation of the latest and greatest Linux 5.16 kernel series as default (XanMod) kernel. This brings top-notch hardware support, along with some goodies added by the Nitrux team, such as additional firmware for AMD GPUs and the latest Mesa 21.3.5 graphics stack (Mesa 22.0-git is also available for installation from the repositories for bleeding-edge gamers).

In addition, the Nitrux devs updated the ISO image to include AMD and Intel microcode as early boot code, as well as i945, Nouveau, and AMDGPU drivers in initrd to provide better support for certain systems that need these firmware/drivers to correctly boot the distribution.

For some of you, Nitrux 2.0 may look unchanged at first sight, but there are lots of small changes to the interface. For example, the Latte Dock layouts have been updated to also feature the application menu (Launchpad Plasma), a new button to activate Parachute (the overview), a trash bin shortcut, and task manager in the middle.

For those who don’t like the default Latte Dock layout, there’s an optional layout that includes window controls in the bottom panel. More details about the new look and feel can be viewed in the release announcement page.

As for the top panel, it now includes the window controls, title, global menu, and system tray. This is an important change that you should be aware of since it will change the way you interact with the Nitrux session.

Moreover, Nitrux 2.0 comes with updated window decoration settings to make all windows borderless, and disables client-side decorations (CSD) for the Maui Apps for a more consistent look and feel.

“We want to emphasize that should the user not wish to use borderless windows, go to System Settings>Appearance>Window Decorations>Select ‘Nitrux’ and click the ‘Edit’ button>Select any option other than ‘Always’ in ‘Hide window title bar,’” said developer Uri Herrera.

Among other noteworthy changes, the devs tweaked Nitrux’s default configuration to provide users with smoother performance and overall system responsiveness, changed the Powerlevel10k theme for the Zsh shell, updated the OpenRC config for proper functioning of the TTYs, fixed some bugs, and slimmed down the ISOs.

Nitrux 2.0 features the latest KDE Plasma 5.23.5 desktop environment, which is accompanied by the latest KDE Gear 21.12.1 and KDE Frameworks 5.90 software suites. The minimal ISO now ships with JWM (Joe’s Window Manager) instead of i3.

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