Nitrux 2.4 Released with Linux Kernel 5.19, KDE Gear 22.08, and New Maui Apps

Nitrux 2.4

Uri Herrera announced today the release of Nitrux 2.4 as the latest stable snapshot of this beautiful, responsive, and systemd-free Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution powered by the latest KDE software, and using AppImages and Maui Apps.

The monthly Nitrux releases are back, and Nitrux 2.4 is a major update to the Debian-based distribution that ships with the XanMod-flavored Linux 5.19 kernel to provide the best possible, out-of-the-box hardware support for new installations.

For those not in the know, XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel with custom settings and new features designed to provide a stable, responsive, and smooth desktop experience.

Since Nitrux is a KDE-oriented distribution, you can guess that the new release includes the latest and greatest KDE software, starting with the KDE Plasma 5.25.4 desktop environment and continuing with the recently released KDE Gear 22.08 and KDE Frameworks 5.97 software suites.

New Maui apps are shipped by default in this release, namely Agenda for managing, viewing, and organizing your calendar events, and Strike, a tool designed for developers to build and run code.

Of course, Nitrux 2.4 also includes updates to most of its pre-installed apps, such as the Mozilla Firefox 104 web browser, updates to existing Maui apps, an updated MauiKit, as well as updates to various core components (GNU C Library, Mesa, OpenRC). The default installer has been updated as well to Calamares 3.2.60.

Also updated is the NX Software Center package manager, which now features a new ‘Store’ view with categories on the left, the ability to list other files uploaded by the same author, updated placeholder text to avoid confusion in the ‘Apps’ and ‘Tasks’ views, and improved search results related to the search query.

Without further ado, if you want to give Nitrux a try on your personal computer, something which I highly recommend if you want to experience the next-generation KDE Plasma UI, you can download the 2.4 release right now by clicking on the direct download link below.

A minimal ISO image using JWM (Joe’s Window Manager) is also available for download from the official website for those who want to fully customize their Nitrux installations with another desktop environment than KDE Plasma and different software selections. Unfortunately, dedicated images with NVIDIA proprietary drivers are now available at the moment of writing.

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