Nitrux Linux Is Now Based on Debian, Latest Release Adds KDE Plasma Goodies

Nitrux Linux

Uri Herrera announced today the release of Nitrux Linux 1.3.9, a fresh new ISO snapshot of this KDE Plasma-based modern distribution for the masses.

The Nitrux 1.3.9 release isn’t your usual monthly updated installation image, but the distro’s first ISO built using a Debian rootfs! Yes, that’s right, Nitrux Linux is no longer based on the Ubuntu/KDE neon rootfs and no longer uses the software repositories from Devuan GNU/Linux.

While Nitrux is now a Debian GNU/Linux-based distro, this major change applies only to new installations, and Nitrux is still using the OpenRC init system. Existing Nitrux Linux users will continue to receive updates from the previous Ubuntu/KDE neon/Devuan base.

“We want to emphasize that the preferred method to add new software to the distribution is to use AppImages,” said Nitrux Linux developer Uri Herrera. “We recommend that users perform a clean installation.”

Apart from the Debian GNU/Linux base, the Nitrux Linux 1.3.9 release ships with the KDE Plasma 5.21.2 desktop environment, which is accompanied by the KDE Applications 20.12.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.79 open-source software stacks, as well as a new default application style that resembles the Kvantum themes and features an alternative window decoration with the window buttons on the left.

The KDE Plasma default installation now features the kio-fuse program to help you easily mount remote directories into the root hierarchy of your local file system.

Various updated apps and core components are present as well, including Linux 5.4.108 LTS as default kernel, along with Linux 5.10.26 LTS and Linux 5.11.10 as alternative kernels, as well as the LibreOffice 7.1.1 office suite, Mozilla Firefox 87 web browser, and Maui apps suite 1.2.1, which comes with two new apps, Shelf and Clip. The MPV and QPdfViewer apps were removed from the ISO image.

Those of you who want to use the Debian-based Nitrux Linux distribution will have to download the new ISO image from the official website or click on the link below for the direct download, and perform a clean install.

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