Nvidia 450.57 Linux Graphics Driver Improves Support for Vulkan Apps, Adds New Features

Nvidia 440.59 released

Nvidia released today the Nvidia 450.57 graphics driver for UNIX platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris, a major update that brings numerous improvements, new features and bug fixes.

Coming hot on the heels of last month’s Nvidia 440.100 release, the Nvidia 450.57 graphics driver is here to add support for NVIDIA NGX, support for Image Sharpening for OpenGL and Vulkan apps, as well as support for Vulkan direct-to-display on DisplayPort displays connected via DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (DP-MST).

Furthermore, the new release adds an implementation of glNamedBufferPageCommitmentARB extension, which was missing from the Nvidia driver’s support for the GL_ARB_sparse_buffer extension,  a new documentation file that exposes a machine-readable list of supported GPUs and features, as well as a new Connector-N display connector name alias type.

Decode-only HEVC 10/12 bit support was added to the NVIDIA VDPAU driver as well, along with support for creating and accessing 16-bit video surfaces. Moreover, the Nvidia 450.57 graphics driver adds support for PRIME Synchronization when using displays driven by the AMDGPU driver as PRIME display offload sinks, and support for NVIDIA GPU-connected displays to act as PRIME display offload sinks.

According to Nvidia, the Nvidia 450 series is the last to support the NVFBC_CAPTURE_TO_HW_ENCODER capture interface. Nvidia recommends users to use the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK for encoding captured frames with NVENC from now on.

“The 450 driver series is the last that supports NvFBC’s NVFBC_CAPTURE_TO_HW_ENCODER capture interface, which has been deprecated since NVIDIA Capture SDK 6.0 released in 2017. Future NVIDIA drivers after the 450 series will return NVFBC_ERR_UNSUPPORTED if that capture interface is requested,” said Nvidia.

Also included in the Nvidia 450.57 graphics driver is better support for the KDE Plasma desktop environment when it is used under Wayland and to fix a Plasma panel freeze when compositing was disabled, improvements for Swap Group configurations, and better support for X11 EGL displays.

Last but not least, the new version enables GPU screens by default on X.Org Server 1.20.7 and later, removes support for the “IgnoreDisplayDevices” X configuration option, extends the dynamic runtime power management support to shut off power to video memory under certain conditions, and brings initial support for the upcoming Linux 5.8 kernel series.

Nvidia 450.57 is a long-lived branch of the proprietary graphics driver from Nvidia, which means that it is recommended for all users. You can download it for 64-bit Linux and FreeBSD systems, as well as 32-bit and 64-bit Solaris systems right now from the Nvidia downloads page, where you’ll also find a list of supported GPUs and installation instructions.

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