OBS Studio 27.2.1 Improves Camera Support and PipeWire Capture on Linux

OBS Studio 27.2

The OBS Project released today OBS Studio 27.2.1 as the first point release to the latest OBS Studio 27.2 series of this powerful, free, and open-source live streaming and screen recording software.

Coming just a week after the launch of OBS Studio 27.2, the OBS Studio 27.2.1 point release is here to address a few issues reported by users from the previous release, as well as to improve some of the existing functionality in an attempt to make the software more stable and reliable during recordings and streaming.

Specific to Linux users, the OBS Studio 27.2.1 release improves camera support by addressing an issue where some cameras wouldn’t decode correctly on GNU/Linux systems and plugs a memory leak in the new PipeWire capture feature.

It also adds a “legendary” workaround to fix some sort of driver/kernel bug that made the browser source trigger a full system freeze for some NVIDIA GPU users, improves the performance of the updated Chromium build of the browser source, and updates the AOM/SVT encoders to pull in new upstream features.

Other than that, it fixes an issue that broke some common keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-F to make a source fit to screen), fixes SRT and RIST from crashing the app when a URL is not set or when a Media source is disabled with a RIST URL, and fixes an issue that broke the resize grip when it was dragged all the way to the top in the filters window.

Among other noteworthy changes included in the OBS Studio 27.2.1 point release, hiding the application from capture is now logged and a few other bugs specific to macOS and Windows users were addressed.

You can download OBS Studio 27.2.1 right now from the official website or install/update it as a Flatpak app from Flathub as soon as the update lands there.

Last updated 2 years ago

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