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OBS Studio 27.2 Released with Official Flatpak Support, More Robust PipeWire Capturing

OBS Studio 27.2

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After about four months of development, OBS Studio 27.2 is here as the latest stable release of this popular and powerful open-source screen recording and live streaming software for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows.

OBS Studio 27.2 is the second major update in the 27.x series, after OBS Studio 27.1, bringing several exciting new features for Linux users, such as official Flatpak support so you can more easily install the software on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. One package format to rule them all!

Also for Linux users, the new OBS Studio release alphabetically sorts the list of windows shown when selecting Window Capture as the source, makes PipeWire capturing more robust, especially in multi-GPU setups, and introduces a framework that paves the way for upcoming support of background hotkeys on Wayland.

Furthermore, OBS Studio 27.2 fixes several issues on Linux, including a performance issue with X11 window capturing, audio monitoring latency, a crash that occurred when modifying the video capture device’s properties, resizing of projectors on certain WMs, incorrect functioning of mouse hotkeys, PulseAudio monitoring volume with signed 32-bit and unsigned 8-bit formats, window capturing on software rasterization devices, and a crash that occurred when closing certain dialogs containing video previews on X11.

Major new features in OBS Studio 27.2 include AJA source for AJA devices, along with AJA output in the tools menu, a new right-click context menu option for sources to allow you to set different blend modes, support for the RIST protocol, hotkey filter search and duplicate detection, as well as experimental AOM AV1 and SVT-AV1 encoders in the Advanced output mode.

Also new is a keyboard shortcut to allow users to refresh a browser source, a new warning dialog that will be shown when switching profiles whose settings changes require a restart, a new “Show active outputs warning on exit” option in Advanced settings that lets you enable or disable the confirmation dialog on exit while recording or streaming, and a new option in General settings to hide OBS Studio’s main window while capturing.

Among other noteworthy changes, there’s better consistency of transition duration suffixes, support for light and dark modes for the Twitch panels, a more user-friendly dialog to inform users when a file fails to be written for recording, resizable filters preview/properties, support for activating sources when viewing them in the filters dialog, and support for volume meters tow show audio activity in grayscale when they’re muted.

On top of that, OBS Studio 27.2 adds a warning dialog that will appear when starting or stopping YouTube streaming fails, moves the Docks menu to its own top-level menu on the menubar, no longer displays incompatible audio filters for sources that don’t support them, no longer refreshes browser sources when their size changes, and adds the ability for RTMP servers to quietly request a reconnect when the server is down.

Of course, there are also numerous bug fixes that further improve existing functionality, as well as the overall stability and reliability of the software. For more details, you can check out the GitHub release notes. Meanwhile, you can download OBS Studio 27.2 as a source tarball, and a Flatpak app will be available soon (it’s out now) from Flathub.

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