OBS Studio 29.0 Promises Media Key Support on Linux, AMD/Intel AV1 Encoder Support

OBS Studio 29.0

A new OBS Studio version (29.0) is in the works promising major new features and lots of improvements to one of the most popular, free, open-source, and cross-platform software for live streaming and screen recording.

OBS Studio 29.0 entered public beta testing earlier today and among the biggest new features users should expect from this upcoming release is support for media keys on Linux, support for the AMD AV1 Encoder for RDNA3 AMD GPUs, support for the Intel AV1 encoder for Intel Arc GPUs, support for the Intel HEVC encoder, a 3-band equalizer filter, as well as an upward compressor filter.

If that’s not enough for you, OBS Studio 29.0 also promises lots of other improvements like support for encryption and authentication for SRT and RIST outputs, improvements to the NVIDIA Video and Audio filters, improvements to Replay Buffer’s memory limit, the ability to right-click and ‘Inspect’, as well as to mute individual browser docks, improved FFmpeg VA-API enablement, and Qt 6.4.1 support.

The upcoming OBS Studio release also changes the default Simple Output NVENC preset to P5 for an extra compatibility and performance boost, removes the automatic numbering on Multiview labels, makes dynamic bitrate recovery faster after a drop, and adds a slide counter to the Source Toolbar when selecting an Image Slide Show.

Of course, there will also be many bug fixes to address issues with async filters, improve Decklink preview output performance, fix issues with CQP rate control for SVT and AOM AV1 encoders and AMD HEVC, as well as to fix UHD/4K YUV capturing on the AJA Kona HDM capture card.

Until OBS Studio 29.0 hits the streets, you can take the beta version for a test drive either by downloading and compiling the source tarball from the project’s GitHub page or by installing the Flatpak app from the Flathub Beta repository. However, please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version that should NOT be used for any production work!

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