OpenShot 2.6 Video Editor Released with New Computer Vision and AI Effects, More

OpenShot 2.6

OpenShot developer Jonathan Thomas announced the release of OpenShot 2.6, a new major version of this open-source, free, and cross-platform video editor for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.

More than six months in development, OpenShot 2.6 is here with lots of goodies for users of this video editor, which will now enjoy new computer-vision and AI effects like motion tracking, object detection, and stabilization, new audio effects like compressor, distortion, delay, echo, parametric EQ, expander, noise, Robotization, and whisperization, as well as a new Zoom Slider widget for easier navigation of the timeline.

“We have introduced a new feature I’m tentatively calling the “Zoom Slider”. It previews the entire timeline, drawing a tiny representation of every single clip, transition, and track, including which ones are selected. In addition, it allows the user to adjust which part of the timeline they are interested in viewing,” said the developer.

Also new in this release is the Caption video effect that can be used for rasterizing/rendering text captions on top of a video stream, parentable keyframes, new effect icons, almost 1000 new emoji, as well as support for the latest FFmpeg, Blender, WebEngine, and WebKit technologies, which puts OpenShot on par with professional video editors while providing users with better compatibility and interoperability with most video file formats.

On top of that, OpenShot 2.6 is packed full of improvements to make existing functionality and components work better. Improved in this release is the Snapping tool, which can now be used while positioning, trimming, and to the playhead, as well as the Transform Tool, which can be used for resizing, rotating, moving, scaling, shearing, zooming in and out, and setting the origin point of your video files.

Also improved in this new OpenShot release is the Saturation effect, which now supports a color-separated model with more keyframable parameters, rotation and EXIF metadata support, importing of *.osp projects as clips, alpha video support, ruler drawing, timeline zooming, video caching, audio pops and crackles, audio division across frames, as well as stdout/stderr redirection.

Of course, there are numerous bug fixes included in OpenShot 2.6 to make the award-winning video editing application more stable, faster, and reliable when editing video files. For more details, check out the announcement page, from where you can also download the new release as an AppImage universal binary that you can run on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.

Update 07/09/21: OpenShot 2.6.1 is now available to add automatic migration of crop keyframes from 2.5.1 projects with 100% backwards compatibility, update many language translations, and fix some nasty bugs. You can download it right now from here.

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