PeaZip 9.0 Released with Improved Speed and Memory Usage, New Options

This major update improves support for TAR archives, improves the file manager, and improves support for ZPAQ and *PAQ formats.
PeaZip 9.0

PeaZip 9.0 open-source, free, and cross-platform archive manager is now available for download as a major update that brings numerous under-the-hood and GUI improvements.

The good news in this major update is that the progress bar has been improved and the application is now faster and eats less RAM when archiving or decompressing files. For example, the devs say that PeaZip is now about 10 percent faster and uses up to 10 percent less memory when opening archives with more than 250.000 items. Also, PeaZip is now about three times faster when adding files to archives.

The graphical user interface now better adapts the number of displayed items on the width of the app’s window to improve usability, features the ability to show the main functions like add or extract on the right side of the address bar when the Tool Bar is hidden, and lets you set “Sort dirs before files” from Main Menu > Organize.

Furthermore, PeaZip’s file manager adds an alternative main menu in form of a pop-up menu that can be activated from the Style menu on the right of the toolbar and address bar, adds support for the Navigation menu to now toggle the sidebar (navigation, treeview, hide), and add displays the Add and Extract actions on the top level of the “Open” group in the side menu, as well as in the “Open” submenu in the navigation bar.

PeaZip 9.0 also comes with new options for its 7z/p7zip backend. These add new functionality to the archive manager, such as the ability to not modify the last access time of input files and to not follow symbolic or hard links, as well as to limit the maximum memory usage during compression. Moreover, the advanced 7z/p7zip options in the archive creation screen have been re-organized.

On top of all that, this release improves support for the ZPAQ and *PAQ formats, improves support for the TAR format, as well as for formats used in combination with TAR, updates the compression preset scripts, improves plugin support by providing them as tar archives.

For more details and to download the PeaZip 9.0 release, which is available as pre-compiled binaries for 64-bit GNU/Linux systems with both Qt and GTK user interfaces, check out the official website. Of course, you can also install PeaZip as Flatpak app from Flathub.

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