PinePhone Ubuntu Touch Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

PinePhone Ubuntu Touch

The UBports Foundation announced today the availability of a special version of PINE64’s PinePhone Linux smartphone that comes pre-installed with the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system.

Meet the PinePhone UBports Community Edition, the first variant of the PinePhone Linux phone to come pre-installed with a mobile operating system, namely the gorgeous Ubuntu Touch produced by UBports.

It took UBports a year and a half to produce the PinePhone UBports Community Edition, which ships with the Lomiri (formerly Unity 8) user interface, but it’s finally available for pre-order for only $149.99 USD.

I know you’ve been waiting for this moment, like me and many other Linux and Open Source enthusiasts, but you can now finally buy a working Linux phone that doesn’t require you to install an OS.

Until now, the PinePhone came without an operating system installed, as it is only intended for early adopters, developers, and hackers who have the knowledge and time to hack the device.

Of course, the PinePhone UBports Community Edition is also intended for developers and tinkerers, but it opens new doors to more users since it comes pre-installed with Ubuntu Touch.

If you have bought the PinePhone “Braveheart” edition, you should know that the UBports Community Edition comes with a new motherboard and a custom backplate with the UBports logo, as you can see above.

Despite the fact that the Ubuntu Touch version for PinePhone is still in development, the Linux phone currently supports phone calls, SMS text messages, LTE data connection, GPS, and GPU acceleration. What doesn’t work, it will be added in the future through software updates.

With every purchase, PINE64 will donate $10 USD to the UBports Foundation to continue the development of the Ubuntu Touch mobile OS, which is currently supported on a wide range of devices.

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