Pinta 2.0 Open-Source Paint Program Is Out Now as a Major Update, Ported to GTK 3

Pinta 2.0

Pinta developers announced the release of Pinta 2.0 as a major update to this open-source, free and cross-platform drawing and image editing software written in GTK+ and .NET.

Pinta 2.0 comes a little over a month after the release of the Pinta 1.7.1 update, and it’s here to finally port the paint program to the GTK+ 3 and .NET 6 application frameworks for a more modern look and new functionality.

The GTK+ 3 and .NET 6 porting means that Pinta not only looks better and more modern, but it also offers improved support for HiDPI displays, support for platform-native file dialogs, as well as support for GTK+ 3 themes.

In addition, the text tool has been updated to use the standard GTK+ font chooser widget and several other tools have also been updated to use spin buttons instead of editable combo boxes.

Since this is a major update, it also comes with several enhancements for a better drawing experience. For example, it’s now possible to save both the primary and secondary palette colors in the app’s settings, along with the ability for all the included tools to save their settings during restarts.

Furthermore, Pinta 2.0 adds a status bar widget that contains the information about position/selection, zoom, and color palette, changes the tool palette to a single column, adds support for the canvas to be panned by clicking and dragging with the middle mouse button, and adds the ability to view recently used colors in the color palette widget.

Among other changes, Pinta 2.0 improves the performance of the Paint Bucket and Magic Wand tools, as well as of the selection tools when interactively adjusting a selection, and improves the Paste Into New Image action to no longer create several unnecessary history items.

The Images pad and support for add-ins was removed from this release, though the devs promise that the latter will return in a future update. Of course, several bugs were squashed to make Pinta more stable and reliable when editing your images. For more details, check out the GitHub release notes.

Meanwhile, you can download Pinta 2.0 right now from the official website as a Flatpak or Snap app that you can install in virtually any GNU/Linux distribution that supports these universal binary formats. The source code is also available for download for those who want to compile the software themselves.

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