PipeWire 0.3.65 Adds Bluetooth MIDI Support, ALSA Plugin Improvements

This release also improves support for Bluetooth LE audio, GStreamer support, and brings many other goodies.
PipeWire Bluetooth LE Audio

The PipeWire project released today PipeWire 0.3.65 as a new stable update for this open-source server for handling audio and video streams, as well as related hardware devices on GNU/Linux systems.

PipeWire 0.3.65 adds support for Bluetooth MIDI devices, which also requires a WirePlumber addition, as well as support for compress offload was added using tinycompress, which allows the decoding of compressed formats in hardware using ALSA on certain devices.

Another exciting feature in the PipeWire 0.3.65 release is a new native module-combine-stream that you can use to create a 5.1 device from a 3-channel stereo soundcard or to simultaneously direct the output to multiple sinks.

The ALSA plugin received some improvements too, such as a new rule to tweak the buffer settings in Davinci Resolve for running with more acceptable latency, better property handling, support for cubic volumes, and a new alsa.volume-method for configuring both cubic or linear volumes.

Among other improvements, this release promises a better match of the jack 1/2 behavior by setting the jack.merge-monitor option to true by default, advertises DMABUF support for GStreamer, lists devices with unsupported formats in the PulseAudio API (with invalid formats), and uses the native module-combine-stream for module-combine-sink.

Moreover, PipeWire 0.3.65 brings back deprecated symbols, improves compatibility between older servers and newer clients, adds the ability to demux streams for compress offload via FFmpeg in pw-cat, adds custom prefixes to adapter ports, and improves handling of multicast loopback in the module-rtp-sink module.

Some fixes for Bluetooth LE audio are present as well in the new PipeWire release, which also improves compatibility with some Bluetooth devices that send stray \n, such as the Sennheiser HD 350BT headphones.

PipeWire 0.3.65 is available for download right now from the project’s GitLab page, where you’ll also find the complete release notes if you want to learn more about the changes implemented in this release.

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