Plasma Mobile 21.07 Released with Improvements for Kasts, Dialer, Shell, and More

Plasma Mobile

The KDE Project announced today the general availability of Plasma Mobile 21.07 as another hefty update to this powerful and ever growing mobile desktop environment for Linux smartphones.

Plasma Mobile 21.07 brings updates to the Shell with a much-improved top panel, which makes the Shell more responsive overall, the Dialer with better support for international numbers, support for hardware keyboards, and the ability to display the right contact name when receiving a call, as well as the Qrca QR reader with support for multiple cameras and the ability to import barcodes for transport tickets into the KDE Itinerary app.

The Kasts podcasting app has been updated as well in this release with many new features, including the ability to resume podcast episode downloads, revamped playback speed settings, a new Discover page that lets you search for podcasts, the ability to check for a metered connection, the ability to highlight the currently selected page in the main menu, and new settings to set up handling for played episodes.

Also improved in the Plasma Mobile 21.07 release is the Calindori app, which no longer wakes up the phone at midnight without a reason, the KRecorder and KClock app, both of which received same theme fixes for a more consistent look, the KWeather app, which now features a revamped plasmoid and a new inline page indicator for the flat mode, as well as the Spacebar SMS app, which can now properly order chats.

Other than that, this new Palsma Mobile update fixes many other annoyances and bugs to make the mobile desktop environment more stable and reliable. For more details on these changes, you can always visit the release announcement page.

Meanwhile, if you’re using Plasma Mobile on your Linux smartphone, make sure that you check for new versions of the operating system you’re currently using that includes the Plasma Mobile 21.07 update, and update as soon as possible to enjoy all these new features and improvements.

Image credits: KDE Project

Last updated 3 years ago

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