Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08 Improves the Clock, Weather, Kasts, and Spacebar Apps

Plasma Mobile Updates

The Plasma Mobile team announced today the Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08 update with improvements for various apps for the Plasma Mobile desktop environment used on Linux-powered mobile devices.

Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08 is here to improve the Shell by addressing issues that affected the virtual keyboard and improve its reliability when its opened or closed, as well as by implementing an infrastructure to facilitate creation of custom quick setting buttons.

Among the Plasma Mobile apps improved in this release, there’s the Clock app, which now lets users loop timers and specify custom commands that will run when a timer finishes. The Clock app now also offers Pinephone users a better landscape experience, and the animations were enhanced a bit.

Also updated in Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08 is the Kasts podcast app, which now lets users change the location where to save downloaded podcast episodes and cached images. The Kasts app now also shows how much disk space is being used by the episodes and images, and uses will now be able to clear the image cache to free space.

The Weather app has been updated as well to work better on the Pinephone and be more responsive, and the Spacebar app for receiving and sending SMS messages now correctly informs users about messages that failed to send and no longer crashes when sending a phone number to oFono in a format that it doesn’t understand.

The Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08 update should soon be available in the software repositories of the various GNU/Linux distributions available for mobile devices, such as Manjaro Linux or PostmarketOS. For a better Plasma Mobile experience, make sure that you update your devices as soon as the new packages are available.

Image credits: KDE

Last updated 2 years ago

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