postmarketOS 22.06 Brings Plasma Mobile 22.04 and Release Upgrades to Linux Phones

postmarketOS 22.06

The postmarketOS devs announced today the release and general availability of postmarketOS 22.06 as a new major update for this GNU/Linux distribution targeted at mobile devices.

Coming five and a half months after postmarketOS 21.12, which received no less than five service packs that brought minor improvements and bug fixes, the postmarketOS 22.06 is here to celebrate the project’s 5th anniversary as a major release with several new features, support for new devices, and updated UIs.

The biggest new feature in the postmarketOS 22.06 release is the fact that upgrades from previous releases are now finally possible. That’s a huge change actually as you no longer have to reflash postmarketOS to get a new release.

Now, postmarketOS 21.12 users can upgrade to postmarketOS 22.06 just by running a script called postmarketos-release-upgrade in a terminal emulator. Since the script is not installed by default in previous releases, users will have to install it with the apk add postmarketos-release-upgrade command prior to performing an upgrade.

“We are happy to announce that one can now upgrade from one release to the next one. We made it work for Sxmo, Phosh, and Plasma Mobile,” said the devs. “For now this is CLI based, in the future it should be possible to hook this up to graphical apps like GNOME Software and KDE Discover.”

postmarketOS 22.06 also brings support for new devices, namely the Samsung Galaxy S III and SHIFT 6mq smartphones, bumping supported devices up to 27, as well as the latest mobile UIs, namely Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04, Phosh 0.17.0, and Sxmo 1.9.0.

Among other noteworthy changes, postmarketOS 22.06 makes it possible for users to upgrade their modem to Biktor’s alternative firmware via the fwupd firmware upgrade utility and replaces the built-in DHCP server solution with unudhcpd, which offers a minimalistic approach that faster and more reliable when connecting your phone to your PC via USB.

Under the hood, the new postmarketOS release is based on Alpine Linux 3.16, which means that it ships with some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies and software packages. You can download postmarketOS 22.06 for your device right now from the official website.

Image credits: postmarketOS (edited by Marius Nestor)

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