Proton 6.3-6 Adds Support for Blood of Steel, Guardians VR, and Many Other Games

Proton 6.3-6

Valve’s Proton compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine has been updated today to version 6.3-6, a release that adds support for more Windows games to play on your Linux box.

With Steam Deck coming to gamers everywhere later this year, Valve is putting a lot of effort on making their Proton compatibility tool for Steam Play support as many Windows games as possible. In fact, Valve said that they plan to make all Windows games in the Steam library compatible with Linux systems before the launch of the Steam Deck.

Proton 6.3-6 is here less than a month after Proton 6.3-5 to add support for more Windows games, including Blood of Steel, Guardians VR, 3D Aim Trainer, Rez Infinite, Sonic Adventure 2, Elite Dangerous, Homeworld Remastered Collection, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, as well as Tokyo Xanadu eX+.

In addition, Proton 6.3-6 improve support for Cyberpunk 2077 and Rockstar Games launchers for non-English gamers, improve video playback for the Contra: Rogue Corps, Deep Rock Galactic, The Medium, and Nier: Replicant games, improve the performance of the Mafia III: Definitive Edition game when the FPS limiter is enabled, and improve launcher behavior in the Swords of Legends Online game.

Moreover, audio playback issues were fixed in the Borderlands 3, Deep Rock Galactic, Fallout: New Vegas, and Oblivion games, fix Steam Cloud sync issues for the Guilty Gear -Strive-, Death Stranding, Katamari Damacy REROLL, ans Scarlet Nexus games, improve input handling for the Far Cry Primal and Warhammer: Chaosbane games, and to fix some music playback issues in the Planet Coaster game.

Other than that, Proton 6.3-6 is here to fix text input and clipboard pasting in the Origin overlay and launcher, fix Unreal Engine 4 update installation issues, which affected the Everspace 2 and KARDS games, fix a hang in the Microsoft Flight Simulator, and improve mouse cursor behavior for full-screen windows.

Under the hood, Proton 6.3-6 is powered by DXVK 1.9.1, wine-mono 6.3.0, vkd3d-proton 2.4, and FAudio 20.08, and features support for NVIDIA’s NVAPI GPU support library and DLSS, which is disabled by default but can be easily enabled with the PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 variable.

You can download Proton 6.3-6 right now from GitHub if you fancy compiling it yourself, or wait for the new version to land in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution before updating.

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