Qt Creator 5.0 Open-Source IDE Released as a Major Update with Experimental Features

Qt Creator 5.0

The Qt Company announced today the release and general availability of Qt Creator 5.0, a major update to this open-source, free, and cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) software for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.

Highlights of the Qt Creator 5.0 release include experimental Clangd support as the backend for the C/C++ code model, which means that it’s not enabled by default so you have to activate it from Tools > Options > C++ > Clangd > Use clangd. It also features experimental support for building and running apps in Docker containers, which only works on Linux systems that use CMake as the build system for projects.

Also new is a highlighting option for function parameters, template parameters for symbols in the Locator, support for snippets, find support to Issues pane, a new “Show Source and Header Groups” option in the project tree, a new “Force logging to console” option for debugging, line ending and indentation in the file properties information, as well as menu item and shortcut for editing bookmark comments.

Talking about CMake, Qt Creator 5.0 is packed full of improvements for this open-source and cross-platform software for build automation, testing, packaging, and installation of software. Other changes include the ability to show progress notification in Qt Creator if the language server supports them, better handling of large projects, and proper handling of the Android 12 platform.

With this release, Qt Creator supports MSVC ARM toolchains and provides a better experience when running Intel-builds on Apple M1 Mac computers. Qbs 1.20 is also included in this release to reduce the impact that the Qbs project management had on startup when dealing with many kits, and the QML code model has been updated to Qt 6.2 with support for module mappings.

There are also numerous bug fixes, so check out the full changelog for more details. Meanwhile, you can download Qt Creator 5.0 right now from the official website as a universal binary that you can install on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution, as well as a source package for those who fancy compiling Qt Creator themselves.

Last updated 3 years ago

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