Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Enters Beta Testing with Live Kernel Patching on the Web Console

Red Hat Enterprise 8.5 Beta

Red Hat announced today the availability for public testing of the beta version of their upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 operating system release.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 is the fifth maintenance update to the latest and greatest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 operating system series and brings various new features to RHEL’s web console, such as live kernel patching without using the command line tooling and enhanced performance metrics to help you identify and prevent performance issues.

“The enhanced performance metrics page can help identify potential causes of high CPU, memory, disk, and network resource usage spikes. In addition, customers can more easily export metrics to a Grafana server,” said Red Hat’s Joe Brockmeier.

Also new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 are several new system roles for configuring, automating, and managing services on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations. These include RHEL system role for VPN, RHEL system role for Postfix, RHEL system role for timesync, RHEL system role for Storage, and RHEL system role for Microsoft SQL Server.

On top of that, this release introduces support for OpenJDK 17, new security features for personal access tokens, support for the NTS (Network Time Security) authentication mechanism for NTP, improved support for Linux containers, and updated languages for developers.

Last but not least, with this release Red Hat has lifted the requirement for users to sign up for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Beta Access. Therefore, if you have a Red Hat account, you will now have an unlimited quantity of Red Hat Beta Access subscriptions.

If you’re interested in test driving Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Beta, you can either apply to download a 60-day self-supported evaluation edition on Red Hat’s Customer Portal. However, please try to keep in mind that this is a pre-release version, not suitable for use in a production environment.

Image credits: Red Hat

Last updated 3 years ago

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