Redcore Linux Still Aims to Bring Gentoo Linux to the Masses, Now Ships with Linux 5.14

Redcore Linux

The Redcore Linux Project announced today the release of Redcore Linux 2102 as the latest version of their Gentoo-based GNU/Linux distribution for the masses.

Over the past five years, Redcore Linux’s goal has always been to bring the power of the source-based Gentoo Linux operating system to the masses, offering users up-to-date and hardened live ISO images with the most recent KDE Plasma desktop environment and a carefully selected set of applications for office, multimedia, gaming, and Internet browsing needs.

Dubbed “Polaris”, Redcore Linux 2102 comes almost six months after Redcore Linux 2101 (Orion), fully synced with Gentoo’s testing tree as of October 1st, 2021, and powered by the latest and greatest Linux 5.14 kernel series. Linux 5.14.10 is the default kernel, but Linux 5.10.71 and 5.4.151 LTS kernels are also available in the repository if you’re looking to use a long-term supported kernel.

Redcore Linux 2102 “Polaris” uses KDE Plasma 5.22.5 as default desktop environment, accompanied by the KDE Gear 21.08.1 software suite, and replaces the Mozilla Firefox web browser with Chromium, as well as the Mozilla Thunderbird email client with Mailspring.

Also included in the live ISO image, you’ll find the Lutris and Steam gaming platforms, GIMP image editor, qBittorrent torrent downloader, LibreOffice office suite, MPV and VLC media players, Qmmp audio player, Sisyphus graphical package manager, and a bunch of handy utilities.

On top of that, the new release improves support for the proprietary NVIDIA graphics drivers, making PRIME offloading work out of the box when using the nvidia-prime package, which, of course, is great news for NVIDIA GPU users, and adds Xwayland as a standalone package.

Several issues were fixed as well, including extremely slow user creation during live boot, Steam native runtime support for system libraries, the ability of the installer to correctly set ESP flags when installing the distribution in UEFI mode, as well as a couple of bugs with the live session.

If you’ve ever wanted to use Gentoo Linux on your personal computer without the hassle of compiling it from scratch, you can download Redcore Linux’s latest release right now from the official website or using the direct download link below.

Next month, the project celebrates its 5th anniversary (Happy Birthday in advance from us!) and they are kindly asking the community for server space to host their 80GB archive of packages, so if you’re reading this and can help with a mirror, don’t hesitate to contact them here.

“The entire Redcore Linux archive is about 80Gb in size. If you have the space and bandwidth or know someone who can help, that would be a great anniversary gift and much appreciated.”

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