Redo Rescue Linux Distro Adds Support for Mounting exFAT and F2FS Filesystems

Redo Rescue Linux

Redo Rescue 2.0.6 backup and recovery Linux distribution is now available for download, a release that adds various improvements and new features, along with the usual bug fixes.

It’s been two months since Redo Rescue 2.0.4 was released with a built-in SSH server and NFS network share support, and while version 2.0.5 only fixed a couple of bugs and added a virtual keyboard for touchscreen and POS devices, Redo Rescue 2.0.6 is here with more interesting changes.

Highlights include support for mounting exFAT and F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System) filesystems. This is great, because Redo Rescue can now be used in more scenarios when you’re attempting to backup and recovery a broken operating system.

Redo Rescue 2.0.6 is also the first release to come with Xfce4 Power Manager, which is used to manage power and brightness control for laptops, as well as to control the computer’s power sources and connected devices, such as wireless mice, keyboards, media players, etc.

Since Redo Rescue is a backup and recovery live system, it needs to be as light as possible, so it uses the lightweight Openbox window manager by default with Tint2 as default panel. The Openbox and tint2 settings have been updated in this release to prevent off-screen tooltips, and Tint2’s taskbar tooltips appearance was changed to look better.

Apart from the cosmetic changes and new functionality, Redo Rescue 2.0.6 fixes some important issues, such as a bug that prevented the verification or restoring of images found in paths containing spaces, apostrophes, or other special characters.

It also removes the fdpowermon package to address some UI quirks and updates the welcome notification to no longer appear every time a program is launched.

Under the hood, the pigz compression, a parallel implementation of gzip for modern multi-processor systems, was updated to level 6 to provide a good compromise between the size of the ISO image and the speed of the live system.

You can download Redo Rescue 2.0.6 right now using the direct download link below or from the official website. Redo Rescue recently passed 2 million downloads, and this is the last release before the rebase on the latest Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series.

Update: Redo Rescue 2.0.7 has been released shortly after version 2.0.6 to address a critical error that occurred when verifying a raw partition or one that doesn’t contain a valid file system. It also includes the less package for listing partition types within fdisk.

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