Rescuezilla 2.3 “Swiss Army Knife of System Recovery” Is Here, Based on Ubuntu 21.10

Rescuezilla 2.3

Shasheen Ediriweera released today Rescuezilla 2.3 as a new major update to this Ubuntu-based “Swiss Army Knife of System Recovery” distribution for system recovery and rescue, as well as disk cloning and imaging tasks.

Based on Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) and powered by Linux kernel 5.13, Rescuezilla 2.3 is here seven months after Rescuezilla 2.2 to implement several new features, such as basic image verification and a new “Rescue” option to ignore file system inconsistencies and bad sectors.

“Virtually all partclone-based tools other than Clonezilla always ignore errors using partclone’s –force option, which I think is a bad idea,” said Rescuezilla developer Shasheen Ediriweera.

Rescuezilla 2.3 also adds the ability to restore and explore images created by theApart GTK graphical user interface for partclone, improves the image scanning feature to fix incomplete restore image lists, improves restoring of images created by FSArchiver or the qt-fsarchiver GUI, and error messages are now displayed when attempting to mount the swap partition and when there’s duplicate image names.

On the desktop side of things, this release makes your Rescuezilla live session better by allowing you to more easily set the dark theme via LXAppearance, adds a new right-click context menu option to open the file manager as root (system administrator), and improves support for Intel GPUs to prevent screen tearing.

Moreover, the xdg-open command is now used to launch the file manager and web browser.

For those who want to install Rescuezilla as a standalone package in their GNU/Linux distribution, the lvm2 package is now listed as a dependency to make installation easier. Also, this release fixes the display of the LVM shutdown error message, and serial number of drives are now displayed in response to user feedback.

Several language translations have been updated, and you can check out the full changelog for more details. Meanwhile, you can download Rescuezilla 2.3 from the project’s GitHub page or by using the direct download link below if you just want to get the live ISO image.

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